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Virtual CIO
Services (vCIO)

Our Virtual CIO (vCIO) services provide organizations with strategic and tactical resources to ensure they have access to real world experience and current industry trends. 

Businesses that work with our vCIO's are looking to get the most from technology while avoiding the dangers that it can present to their business consistency.

Our vCIO customers benefit from our relations with hundreds of vendors across the technology areas listed below. Customers have a dedicated vCIO who understands their business, culture and objectives.


Protect your most valuable assets with industry-leading solutions. 

Cloud Services

Harness the power of the cloud to support remote work and business growth.


Increase employee collaboration, communication, and productivity.


Optimize your voice and data networks while minimizing spend across your organization.  

IT Strategy

Ensure that your IT operations are aligned with and supporting your business objectives.

Fill out our Contact Us form to have one of our Virtual CIOs reach out and give you some real world examples of how we have helped companies select and implement the right technologies for their business.

Our Founders

Chris Dodge


Chris Dodge is the President/CEO of Virsage Solutions. As one of the original founders, Chris’s background in operations and engineering provided a critical foundation for Virsage’s ability to deploy scalable, quality services to their customers. He has extensive experience in system design, ERP administration and implementation, and information technology management. Chris earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University.

Daniel Malishkin

Chief Technical Officer

Daniel Malishkin is the Chief Technology Officer for Virsage Solutions. Daniel’s experience covers network design, implementation, migration and administration. With a depth of technical design and operations experience, his background gives him a unique insight into client needs and how they can best manage, and benefit from their technology infrastructure, from the desktop to the data center. Daniel has accumulated a wealth of industry certifications over his 25 year career.