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Defend against threats with
Microsoft & Virsage

Move Your IT Security Forward With Virsage's Expert Team

Virsage will help assess your current requirements and identify industry standard security measures to protect your organization. Our team of experts provide a modern approach to simplify IT security solutions to protect your data, apps, devices, infrastructure, and identity

Improve your Microsoft Secure Score 4x with Virsage

Microsoft’s Secure Score is an industry-based benchmark of how every customer ranks compared to other Microsoft 365 customers. Virsage has developed comprehensive checklists and processes that will improve your security profile while our Microsoft ProCare dashboard will provide you with insight into your overall score, progress over time, and identify any actions that need to be taken. The Virsage team will help move your forward from a set-and-forget strategy when it comes to protecting your data. Our experienced engineers will configure and review incoming alerts, allowing your staff to focus on their day-to-day tasks.

The threat landscape is continually evolving. We have a really wide view of this evolution because as a Microsoft Gold Partner that has been in the business since 1999 our business spans such a wide array of industries and technologies.

Here are some of the highlights from engaging Virsage in a Microsoft Security workshop. 

  • Identify real threats to your cloud environment by doing Threat Check
  • Work with you to understand your security goals and objectives
  • Deliver the end end-to-end Microsoft security story
  • Benchmark against other organizations based on Office 365 average, size, and industry

  • Showcase security scenarios with hands hands-on activities
  • Develop joint plans and next steps 
Fill out the form to get started and understand the full 360 Secure view of your organization.

You can Benchmark against other organizations based on Office 365 plans, average company size, regions, and industries. You may also compare scores from previous days to see what exactly changed or what you need to do to improve your score. With Secure Score, we aim to help you get insights into your security position by helping you better understand what security features you have enabled through an easy-to-use user interface. We also want to give you guidance on how to increase your security level by helping you learn about what other security features are available while helping you balance your users’ productivity needs and your security requirements.

What is your Secure Score?

Defend against threats

Help protect against malware, viruses, phishing attempts, malicious links, and other threats

• Check links at click to combat advanced phishing
• Detect malware with sandbox analysis of email attachments
• Enable anti-phishing policies that use ML
• Enable advanced multi-factor authentication
• Enforce features to protect Windows 10 devices

Protect business data

Help keep personal and financial information safe. Make it easy to maintain customer loyalty
and comply with industry regulations.

• Encrypt sensitive emails
• Block sharing of sensitive information like credit card numbers
• Restrict copying and saving of business information
• Enable unlimited cloud archiving

Secure devices

Help customers embrace mobile productivity without worrying about security exposure.

• Control which devices and users can access business information
• Apply security policies to protect data on iOS and Android devices
• Keep company data within approved apps on mobile devices
• Remove business data from lost or stolen devices with selective wipe.

Virsage can also help make sure you're retaining the right type of data.

For most organizations, the volume, and complexity of their data in increasing daily-email, documents, instant messages, and more. 

Effectively managing and governing this information is important because you need to comply with regulations more proactively and reduce risk from litigation or a data breach.

Contact us in the chat below or call 866-929-8092 to discuss how we can help harden your security posture.