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Meet Your New Chief Security Officer (CSO)

We know that handling IT for your business is a big job.  We have put together some information about how you can improve security and productivity with Microsoft 365 – the comprehensive solution for your IT needs.

Make the move to Microsoft 365 today.

Here's The Situation:

Microsoft spends billions of dollars every year on cybersecurity R&D. On top of this, Microsoft employs thousands of cybersecurity experts to constantly improve the speed, responsiveness, and strength of our security services. Then there’s the thousands of other people monitoring and neutralizing the threats and attacks spreading around the globe.
The result is a global cloud with more security certifications than anyone else. Right now, the largest  organizations in the world store their most sensitive data in Microsoft’s cloud—and they don’t lose a minute of sleep.

Defend Against Threats

Your top security threat today can be summarized in one word:
phishing. For SMBs, between 90-98 percent of all cyber attacks start with phishing.
Todays phishing attacks are so perfectly designed that many of the experts trained to find them can be fooled. In addition to that, many pieces of malware are so brilliantly engineered that they can sweep the globe before conventional anti-virus or security tools even know they exist. Plus, these programs know how to hide, re-write themselves, and cover their tracks once they’re in your system.

Protect Business Data

Every business has information it doesn’t want exposed online. It might be customer data, secret recipes, transcripts of interdimensional contact, or financial records. No matter the type of data, you have an obligation to your customers to protect it—and Microsoft 365 Business Premium (formerly
Microsoft 365 Business) believes it has an obligation to make this possible. Managing each piece of data security is a full-time job.
Instead of spending all your time managing a catalog of different products to cover your security needs, Microsoft 365 Business Premium offers an automated, AI-powered data protection solution that monitors the way data is moving inside your organization and helps prevent sensitive data from being stolen or accidentally shared.

Easily Secure & Manage Devices

It’s a full-time job just keeping track of how your computers, phones and tablets are all being managed, secured, and knowing what data is moving from Point A to Point B. Point A is usually somewhere in your network, so that’s fine. The real problems start when Point B is suddenly deep within a country that is not particularly impressed with the limited nature of our cyberterrorism jurisdiction.
Data constantly in motion and moving between devices, but those devices are always in motion,too. Laptops are easy to steal, tablets get lost all the time, and phones are constantly being left in cabs, planes, parks, and freerange alpaca ranch visitor centers. Whenever those devices go missing, the company information on them is at risk.

Due For An Upgrade?

Moving to Microsoft 365 Business Premium is easy because it includes the upgrade from Windows 7 Pro and 8.1 Pro, and, because this is subscription based, you’ll always have the most current version of Office moving forward.
Once you have Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you can use Windows Autopilot to automatically configure the way you want to set up Windows 10 on every new PC you buy. This saves lots of IT hassles, and it gets new users up and running in a fraction of the time.

Download the entire notebook

Find more helpful information on how Microsoft 365 can help secure your business in this free ebook.

Things you may be wondering about

No. Microsoft 365 does include upgrade rights from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 Business.

Microsoft 365 restricts company data to approved apps and accounts so work email is kept in Outlook and files are kept in OneDrive for Business.

Yes. Microsoft 365 Business Premium gives subscribers access to Windows Virtual Desktop which delivers multi session Windows 10, Office optimizations, and support for Remote Desktop environments.

No. Although they may make it more difficult for an employee
to steal data, they are primarily designed to protect against
accidental leaks. A motivated employee can bypass protections
such as “Do not Print” by taking a photo of the computer screen,
for example.