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Now is The Time
To Get Modern

Put Modern Technolgy to work for YOU

Four Reasons Why businesses should make the move to the Cloud and Modernize IT

Creativity and Efficiency:

Flexible, mobile-enabled workplace
technology is no longer “nice to have.”
Employees in a modern workplace
expect it. Additionally, organizations
need to innovate faster to outpace
the competition, requiring increased
creativity and collaboration.

Increased ROI

When evaluating the associated costs of infrastructure, administration, and third-party point solutions required for full capabilities, it becomes clear that cloud deployments can significantly reduce total cost of ownership, as compared to installations on-premises.

Security and Compliance

The purpose-built, expertly managed infrastructure of cloud services can enable much higher levels of security than most organizations can achieve using on-premises systems. The Forrester TEI™ study showed that organizations using Office 365 reduced data breaches by 73 percent. Moving to the cloud also frees your IT team from security patching and updates so they can focus on adding value.

Simplified and Agile IT Management

Using IT resources wisely leaves more bandwidth for focusing on digital transformation initiatives. With cloud services in general, it becomes easier for IT professionals to deploy and manage new features, support mobile workers, and connect services together to create new capabilities.

The business case for moving to the Cloud & Modernizing IT

Download the Top 4 reasons businesses should make the move to Modernize IT.

  1. Improved teamwork drives creativity & efficiency
  2. Increased ROI
  3. Stronger security and compliance
  4. Simplified IT management and increased agility

Things you may be wondering about

No. Microsoft 365 does include upgrade rights from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 Business.

Microsoft 365 restricts company data to approved apps and accounts so work email is kept in Outlook and files are kept in OneDrive for Business.

Yes. Microsoft 365 Business Premium gives subscribers access to Windows Virtual Desktop which delivers multi session Windows 10, Office optimizations, and support for Remote Desktop environments.

No. Although they may make it more difficult for an employee
to steal data, they are primarily designed to protect against
accidental leaks. A motivated employee can bypass protections
such as “Do not Print” by taking a photo of the computer screen,
for example.