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8 tips for focusing your compliance strategy

Put Modern Technolgy to work for YOU

If you’re a regulated business, the following four tips are a good place to start for honing your compliance strategy.

"How do I find our where my most sensitive data is located?"

Start automatically discovering and classifying sensitive data.

"Compliance seems to cost more every year."

Use an integrated set of tools to keep costs down.

"How do I make sure we're retaining the right type of data?"

Standardize your data retention policies.

"What if someone forwards a sensitive email?"

Reduce your risk when you encrypt and rights-protect sensitive emails.

Get the rest of the tips for focusing your compliance strategy.

Business owners aren’t just responsible for protecting their organization. They need to be aware of individual accountability, too. In fact, 54% of compliance professionals expect personal liability to increase in the next 12 months. 

Things you may be wondering about

No. Microsoft 365 does include upgrade rights from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 Business.

Microsoft 365 restricts company data to approved apps and accounts so work email is kept in Outlook and files are kept in OneDrive for Business.

Yes. Microsoft 365 Business Premium gives subscribers access to Windows Virtual Desktop which delivers multi session Windows 10, Office optimizations, and support for Remote Desktop environments.

No. Although they may make it more difficult for an employee
to steal data, they are primarily designed to protect against
accidental leaks. A motivated employee can bypass protections
such as “Do not Print” by taking a photo of the computer screen,
for example.