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HIPAA, PCI, SOX, CMMC or ITAR can be a major burden on your organization.
Simplify Your Compliance Strategy

Put Modern Technology to work for you and your compliance strategy.

The nature of modern technology is changing, with more and more data moving to the cloud and physical borders eroding as a limitation to doing business. As a result, compliance with regulations about how data is used, stored, and managed has become increasingly complex. Let Virsage guide you on your compliance journey to the cloud, on-prem, or both with a hybrid approach.

Here's The Situation:

With cloud-generated data increasing across the globe, compliance is no longer solely the concern of the compliance team. Nearly every department now has an impact on—and a stake in—regulatory compliance. We have shared some starting points below to help with your compliance policies and strategy. As regulations around data and privacy become more numerous and complex, it’s never been clearer that effective compliance is now table stakes for a successful business.

So How do we find out where your most sensitive data is located?

Virsage starts with discovery of sensitive information (and data that has exceeded its useful life) across on-premises storage, file shares, and cloud locations.

An information protection solution can automatically detect sensitive data—such as phone numbers and credit card numbers—and apply labels that persist across platforms.

How can you protect business data?

Every business has information it doesn’t want exposed online. It might be customer data, secret recipes, transcripts of interdimensional contact, or financial records. 

No matter the type of data, you have an obligation to your customers to protect it—and Virsage believes we can make this possible. 

What if someone forwards a sensitive email?

We can help reduce your risk by encrypting and rights-protecting sensitive emails. Microsoft 365 when managed by our team of experts has email encryption and rights protection capabilities.

So we make it easy for anyone in your organization to share protected emails with authorized recipients-inside or outside your organization-with Do Not Forward or custom Rights Management Services templates.

Virsage can also help make sure you're retaining the right type of data.

For most organizations, the volume, and complexity of their data in increasing daily-email, documents, instant messages, and more. 

Effectively managing and governing this information is important because you need to comply with regulations more proactively and reduce risk from litigation or a data breach.

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Download the 6 compliance champions you want on your side PDF Today!

In the attached document are a few key departments you should consider partnering with as you’re developing your organization’s compliance strategy.

Things you may be wondering about

No. Microsoft 365 does include upgrade rights from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 Business.

Microsoft 365 restricts company data to approved apps and accounts so work email is kept in Outlook and files are kept in OneDrive for Business.

Yes. Microsoft 365 Business Premium gives subscribers access to Windows Virtual Desktop which delivers multi session Windows 10, Office optimizations, and support for Remote Desktop environments.

No. Although they may make it more difficult for an employee
to steal data, they are primarily designed to protect against
accidental leaks. A motivated employee can bypass protections
such as “Do not Print” by taking a photo of the computer screen,
for example.