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HIPAA, PCI, SOX, CMMC or ITAR can be a major burden on your organization.

Simplify Your Compliance Strategy

"Our healthcare practice maintains 3 primary care locations around the Denver area. Virsage provides our offices the entire spectrum of IT Support, from phones to computers to HIPAA Compliance and more. We have worked with Virsage for over 8 years and we trust and value their advice and recommendations when it comes to supporting our business needs. We look to Virsage to guide us over time so that we can keep our systems up to date and stay in front of constantly changing technologies. We also need to be very security conscious and Virsage helps us protect our business and our patient information."

CMPE Administrator
Medical Industry

"We have worked with Virsage for six years and have been using WorkPlace® for well over three years. WorkPlace provides us with state-of-the-art computing solutions without large investments in hardware and software updates. Whether in the office or on the road, WorkPlace gives us reliable access to our desktop in a very secure environment. The team of professionals at Virsage is very solutions-oriented and always provides efficient and timely support to keep us productive. If you're looking at moving to the Cloud, I highly recommend Virsage's WorkPlace."

Finance Industry

"Knowing the fixed cost for my IT system is very useful in budgeting and forecasting costs. I do not have to spend any time working on the system or any maintenance whatsoever. My workers can collaborate on shared files easily and quickly. I can also access my work from home or on my laptop on the go just as easily as I can in my office... I am very pleased with Virsage Solutions and their WorkPlace program."

Vice President
Construction Industry

"Consistent and reliable access to our company information is critical for our agents. Virsage provides us a remote desktop that allows for uniform access to our company software and data both in the office and when working remotely outside of the office. Our agents work in a high-paced environment and our services from Virsage enable our agents to work when and wherever they need to."

Executive Vice President
Insurance Industry

"We needed a secure and flexible IT solution to meet the demands of our mobile workforce, and to protect our data in case of disaster. WorkPlace provides secure data storage with robust disaster recovery and reduces the risk of intrusion through unsecured devices and networks. Productivity overall has increased as a result of reduced server transaction times, application compatibility, and improved business continuity. We can add or remove users as needed, and have access to all our data and applications on any device, anywhere!"

Operations Director
Manufacturing Industry

"Our company recently made the transition from a Microsoft Small Business Server Network to Virsage. I was so surprised at how easy the transition of over 30 users ended up being. We are also running a very complicated transportation software and every function worked and some were made easier! This is an amazing IT solution."

Small Business Industry

Put Modern Technology to work for you and your compliance strategy.

The nature of modern technology is changing, with more and more data moving to the cloud and physical borders eroding as a limitation to doing business. As a result, compliance with regulations about how data is used, stored, and managed has become increasingly central.

With cloud-generated data proliferating across the globe, compliance is no longer solely the concern of the compliance team. Nearly every department now has an impact on—and a stake in—regulatory compliance. We have shared some starting points below to help with your compliance policies and strategy. 

As regulations around data and privacy become more numerous and complex, it’s never been clearer that effective compliance is now table stakes for a successful business. 

By building strong working partnerships with compliance champions, you can create clear accountability and ownership for different aspects of compliance and help make compliance success a priority for everyone.

So How do we find out where your most sensitive data is located?

Virsage starts with discovery of sensitive information (and data that has exceeded its useful life) across on-premises storage, file shares, and cloud locations.

An information protection solution can automatically detect sensitive data—such as phone numbers and credit card numbers—and apply labels that persist across platforms.

You might be asking yourself, what if someone forwards a sensitive email?

"Compliance seems to cost more every year."

We can help reduce your risk by encrypting and rights-protecting sensitive emails. Microsoft 365 when managed by our team of experts has email encryption and rights protection capabilities set up correctly on Azure Information Protection policies. So we make it easy for anyone in your organization to share protected emails with authorized recipients-inside or outside your organization-with Do Not Forward or custom Rights Management Services templates.

Virsage can also help make sure you're retaining the right type of data.

For most organizations, the volume, and complexity of their data in increasing daily-email, documents, instant messages, and more. 

Effectively managing and governing this information is important because you need to comply with regulations more proactively and reduce risk from litigation or a data breach. 

Contact us in the chat below or call 720-881-7320 to discuss your compliance and regulatory needs.

If you’re accountable for compliance in your enterprise, how do you help your organization steer clear of reputational challenges and the potential for increasingly large fines? How do you make sure you’ve got the right compliance champions on your side? 

In the attached document are a few key departments you should consider partnering with as you’re developing your organization’s compliance strategy. By strengthening relationships with stakeholders across these areas, you can bridge traditional disconnects and reduce compliance risk.

Things you may be wondering about

Microsoft 365 comes with 42 policy templates.

Microsoft 365 restricts company data to approved apps and accounts so work email is kept in Outlook and files are kept in OneDrive for Business.

A trainable classifier is used to identify the content based on what the content is, not by the elements in the content. Some example would be:

  • resumes
  • source code
  • profanity’s
  • threats
  • harassments
No. Although they may make it more difficult for an employee
to steal data, they are primarily designed to protect against
accidental leaks. A motivated employee can bypass protections
such as “Do not Print” by taking a photo of the computer screen,
for example.