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Virsage enables the Cloud to optimize your business.
Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Services

Put Modern Technology to work for your cloud strategy.

We help our client’s migrate and then manage our client’s cloud platforms, including maintenance and optimization. By using Virsage, businesses entrust us with the daily administration of their Cloud Services to improve their business objectives. 

Examples of Managed Cloud Services​

Managed Cloud services are a popular choice for businesses looking to:

  • Scale Cloud services with Microsoft Azure base infrastructure.
  • Increase security with Conditional Access policies for Microsoft 365.
  • Support Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity policies.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

  • Cost savings
  • Automatic updates
  • Disaster recovery
  • Rapid response
  • Better Cloud and network security
  • Centralized control
  • Flexible Scaling

Enable Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Services with Virsage

Virsage believes performance, cost, security, and flexibility drive business and workload decisions.

With Virsage, we deliver the speed, security, and uptime you need for Cloud success time and time again. We provide managed Cloud services to small and medium businesses across several industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and construction.

Managed Azure Cloud Services

Unlock the capabilities of your applications with Virsage’s managed Azure Cloud services. As a direct Microsoft CSP and Gold Partner, Virsage has the power to transform your business within Azure or any hybrid Cloud environment.

Virsage’s team of Cloud engineers and Azure experts can take infrastructure management to the next level and relieve your team of the 24×7 burden of managing workloads beyond the office walls. Virsage has the power to transform your business.

Take Advantage of Hybrid Cloud

Leverage the technology of a Hybrid Cloud with Virsage. We help boost your productivity, security with a reliable IT ecosystem customized to suit your business needs.


  • Control Costs and Gain Value
  • Gain More Flexibility
  • Improve Security and Resiliency

Contact us in the chat below or call 720-881-7320 to discuss your cloud roadmap.

Our Technology Partners


Cloud Services Projects

Office 365

File and email migration, and Office application deployment.

Microsoft Azure

Expert design, deployment and administration of Azure infrastructure


Active Directory Federated Services and Multi-factor Authentication


Increase availability with Cloud-based storage and backup solutions.

Hybrid Cloud

Virsage can integrate Cloud-based infrastructure to your on-premise networks.

Remote Office

Quickly integrate remote offices with Cloud-hosted services.


"Our healthcare practice maintains 3 primary care locations around the Denver area. Virsage provides our offices the entire spectrum of IT Support, from phones to computers to HIPAA Compliance and more. We have worked with Virsage for over 8 years and we trust and value their advice and recommendations when it comes to supporting our business needs. We look to Virsage to guide us over time so that we can keep our systems up to date and stay in front of constantly changing technologies. We also need to be very security conscious and Virsage helps us protect our business and our patient information."
CMPE Administrator
Medical Industry
"We have worked with Virsage for six years and have been using WorkPlace® for well over three years. WorkPlace provides us with state-of-the-art computing solutions without large investments in hardware and software updates. Whether in the office or on the road, WorkPlace gives us reliable access to our desktop in a very secure environment. The team of professionals at Virsage is very solutions-oriented and always provides efficient and timely support to keep us productive. If you're looking at moving to the Cloud, I highly recommend Virsage's WorkPlace."
Finance Industry
"Knowing the fixed cost for my IT system is very useful in budgeting and forecasting costs. I do not have to spend any time working on the system or any maintenance whatsoever. My workers can collaborate on shared files easily and quickly. I can also access my work from home or on my laptop on the go just as easily as I can in my office... I am very pleased with Virsage Solutions and their WorkPlace program."
Vice President
Construction Industry
"Consistent and reliable access to our company information is critical for our agents. Virsage provides us a remote desktop that allows for uniform access to our company software and data both in the office and when working remotely outside of the office. Our agents work in a high-paced environment and our services from Virsage enable our agents to work when and wherever they need to."
Executive Vice President
Insurance Industry
"We needed a secure and flexible IT solution to meet the demands of our mobile workforce, and to protect our data in case of disaster. WorkPlace provides secure data storage with robust disaster recovery and reduces the risk of intrusion through unsecured devices and networks. Productivity overall has increased as a result of reduced server transaction times, application compatibility, and improved business continuity. We can add or remove users as needed, and have access to all our data and applications on any device, anywhere!"
Operations Director
Manufacturing Industry
"Our company recently made the transition from a Microsoft Small Business Server Network to Virsage. I was so surprised at how easy the transition of over 30 users ended up being. We are also running a very complicated transportation software and every function worked and some were made easier! This is an amazing IT solution."
Small Business Industry