8 Steps to redefine your IT spend...

A Step-by-Step guide on how to identify erroneous charges that are inflating your monthly communication and cloud expenditures.

In today’s economic climate, Financial and IT leaders recognize the need to redefine how they visualize, manage, and optimize all components of their network and IT spend. They need to identify cost reductions, process automation, and cost allocations, as well as inventory their telecom and equipment assets – all with a reliable contract management system.
You can achieve all these objectives by choosing the right partner with the right tools. You need a partner who uses advanced systems that automate all these processes with customized checks and balances, validated through advanced algorithms. Payment files can also be automated and fully mapped to your specifications, all centrally stored for easy collaboration through business intelligence tools and custom dashboards.

The right trusted partner will reduce your carrier and cloud spend by an average of 18-35%. You also need your partner to provide you with the right tools to manage your telecom and IT projects through a secure, cloud-based inventory management solution. Payments files and single-funding payment processing can be 100% automated to eliminate human error, dramatically reduce personnel time, and avoid unnecessary late fees.

In this short video, you’ll learn what the right partner can do for you. Now let’s look in more detail at key process steps for optimizing your IT spend.

8 Steps to redefine your IT spend…

1. Inventory

Document all existing services and expenses across the existing telecommunication footprint, including but not limited to, existing circuit ID’s, ESN’s, device types, service descriptions, features, IP addresses, software, Cloud, hardware, licenses, and telephone numbers (landline and mobile).

  • Document Existing Services
  • Analyze utilization report.
  • Establish service baseline.
  • Validate Status of Existing Voice Line
  • Document Existing Contracts

2. Auditing Baseline

Contrast existing invoice to contracted rates Business Intelligence portal.

  • Compare Invoices to Contracted Rates
  • Document Billing Errors
  • Generate Business Intelligence Reports

3. Market Analysis

  • Perform Market Analysis -Perform Market Analysis to understand pricing and technology available in today’s market with existing and potential carriers. We will help the customer to understand pricing and service options with existing and prospective service providers.

4. Monthly Bill Auditing

Reviewing invoices on monthly basis for accuracy by duplicating the Audit Baseline steps monthly.

  • Review Invoices for Accuracy
  • Prepare Cost Allocations
  • Prepare Monthly Billing Intelligence Reports

5. Payment Solution

Procuring approved monthly payments to end user’s providers or end user’s AP system depending on end user request.

  • Process Monthly Invoice Payments
  • On-demand Financial Reporting

6. Wireline Help Desk

  • Provide wireline and wireless help desk and project management services to manage moves, adds, changes, and disconnects on end user’s network after the initial assessment. Additionally, we will centrally support billing tickets. We will work with your service providers to assure all relevant Service Level Agreements for changes and disputes are handled in a timely fashion.

7. Cost Savings Analysis

  • Savings recommendations are based on the initial inventory and audit findings and monthly invoice audits. We will make cost savings analysis available via the business intelligence portal.
    • Audit & Cost Recovery Savings
    • Monthly Cost Savings

8. Additional Services

Provide training to end user on how to navigate and operate the portal.

  • Audit & Cost Recovery Savings
  • Monthly Cost Savings

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