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Virtual Desktop Solution for Design and Engineering Applications

By Clint Haynes | Apr 3, 2014
Virtual Desktop Solution for Design and Engineering Applications image

Designers and engineers can access all of their business workstation applications from home computers, laptops, or tablets without the need for costly video cards and additional software licenses.

Virsage, a Citrix diamond-validated service provider, is leveraging NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU™  technology, the industry’s most advanced technology for providing hardware-accelerated graphics to virtual desktops. Built on Citrix technologies including XenDesktop® and XenApp®, WorkPlace XAX and XDX allow CAD applications such as AutoCAD®, SolidWorks®, and Revit® to be used on any Internet-connected device without sacrificing performance.

“Virtual desktops have evolved far beyond being solutions just for call centers and financial institutions,” said Chris Dodge, Virsage co-founder and CEO. “We have been awaiting the right technology for graphic rich applications for several years and now we are able to break free from the hybrid cloud/on-premise solutions that have been used in the past. Groups with the most demanding, graphic-intensive computing needs can now leverage the flexibility, efficiency and cost savings of virtualized desktops without sacrificing performance.

Virsage’s monthly subscription model reduces capital expenditures and hardware investments, offering much larger savings for companies with high computing demands. By keeping the data sets in the data centers, these power users can also more easily collaborate on large projects.

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