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Virsage keeps hosted desktop customers running despite floods.

By Penny Gralewski | Jan 6, 2014
Virsage keeps hosted desktop customers running despite floods. image

Citrix Service Provider Partner keeps hosted desktop customers running despite floods
Virsage, a Citrix Service Provider partner, supports a desktops as a service (DaaS) solution, branded WorkPlace, as a comprehensive, cloud-based managed IT environment for partner resellers and the resellers’ customers. Virsage also provides direct customer service for a select group of clients that have used its services for several years.

The information technology service provider delivers secure desktop and hosted applications to customers even when disaster hits, using Citrix XenDesktop®, XenApp®, XenServer® and NetScaler®.

The challenge: Maintaining service to customers when storms brought floods

When devastating floods hit Colorado in September 2013, Virsage wasn’t spared. Its headquarters in the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains experienced flood damage that kept employees away from their office building for weeks. Even in the wake of this natural disaster, Virsage needed to keep its customers up and running. Supporting widespread reseller partners and local Colorado customers was a high priority when the flooding began.

The solution: Relying on hosted desktop technology to keep operations going

Virsage was able to provide desktop and application hosting solutions with an off-site datacenter and Citrix technology including Citrix XenDesktop®, XenApp®, XenServer® and NetScaler®. Virsage used Citrix hosted desktops for its own technical and corporate staff. This enabled Virsage to keep its own business running without any impairment as well as fully support its entire reseller network and all its local Colorado customers of its DaaS solution.

Key benefit: Continuing business in the wake of a natural disaster

Even though the Virsage offices were flooded, customers experienced zero disruption.

“Our primary concern that day was making sure customers were OK,” says Chris Dodge, Virsage president and co-founder. “People experienced a loss of power and damage to on-premise equipment; we made sure to take care of customers. It never entered our thoughts that we would be going down ourselves until an employee drove into the office and saw six to seven feet of water in the basement parking garage. We started mobilizing and putting our disaster recovery plan in action.

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