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Are you doing VDI for less than 500 users? You can't do it better than a cloud provider, so you should use Virsage WorkPlace!

By Clint Haynes | Oct 8, 2013

People often ask us which desktop virtualization product is "best." Of course that answer depends on many factors for a given scenario, but one of the most important questions to before deciding is, "How many users are you building this VDI for?" I'm surprised by how often I hear answers like "50" or "100." And when I hear that people are building smaller VDI environments, I can't help but think that they can't do it better, cheaper, or more securely than a cloud desktop / desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) at that scale. So just go to one of the cloud providers and be done!

So when it comes to VDI, I don't know what the exact tipping point is. 50 users? 500? 1,000? Let me tell you, it's big. One of our customers has about 70 employees. If they decided that VDI was the right solution for the enterprise desktop for their users, there's no way they could do it better than Virsage. If they went out to a cloud provider, they could spend all of their energy focusing on designing their desktops. They didn't have to think about reference architectures or IOPS or LoginVSI metrics or design best practices. They would just say, "We’ll take 70 please" and we'd be on their way. Done.

So regardless of where the exact point it, every company has a number of desktops under which it just doesn't make sense for them to do VDI on their own. And I'll bet if we really dig into it, that number's a lot higher than many of us think.

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