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Our proficiency in migrating customers to the cloud provides a beyond your expectation experience.

We have gathered just a few of the great comments and feedback that we have received from our customers recently. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you and create another success story.


I am both a Virsage Trusted Adviser and a customer. Virsage has bridged the gap in Cloud technology; they provide the “last mile” between the Cloud and the customer experience. I continue to be impressed with Visage’s great products, their engineering team and how they provide tremendous service to their partners and customers. Few companies have the ability or willingness to bring this all together in real time. Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game. I am privileged to have them as a business partner.

Walter Daumler, Channel Sales Manager, Allied Communications, Inc., Denver
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The PEOPLE, the PRODUCT, the PLACE. Workplace that is........Thank you VIRSAGE! When speaking with our customers there is one common theme and that is every one of them is 100% satisfied with Virsage WorkPlace experience.

Brett Meyer, General Manager, RTI, Gothenburg, NE

I have been through three different hosted desktop providers and by far Virsage is the best. They are detailed orientated and made our conversion seamless. The support desk is great! They answer promptly and will get a resolution done in a timely fashion. They do what they say they are going to do.

Eric Schulz, Owner, Allied Communications, Inc., Denver

Morton Bowen is a manufacturing company focused on making product for the medical device market – not worrying about IT Infrastructure. Having spent the last two years looking at systems that claimed they could provide a hosted server solution, I approached Virsage with caution. They were recommended through a very good friend who also provides support and services for them and he suggested that this is the solution I was looking for. Well, he was right!

We were allowed to play with a trial version for a few weeks before making our decision, but by that time it was easy and this became a “no-brainer” to move forward with Virsage. Implementation was a breeze, and we were incredibly impressed with the talent and speed of the group that took care of our transition. Their skills and customer service are second to none and made our transition “days”, yes literally a few days, a breeze.

Any questions that we have had since have been answered in minutes with a polite, courteous, professional, and very skilled team member that allows Virsage to hold its head up high and claim that they are a World Class and serious Solutions Provider. This is a system and platform that is working well for us and we are thrilled and delighted with the product provided and are happy to provide any recommendation to others. Excellent work Virsage and job well done!

Clive James, President / CEO, Moron Bowen, Inc, Denver

Our company recently transitioned to WorkPlace and there are few words I can use to describe how amazing this platform is. First, I will start by saying the support team with Virsage was not only extremely knowledgeable, but they were quick to respond, flexible, responsive, efficient, and got our system up very quickly. The ease of use and functionality has been superb! We are not only able to utilize the platform on our desktops, but our IPAD and Droid phones as well. It is so nice to not have to feel tied to a desk for work and has allowed us the ability to take care of complex work projects in the comfort of other spaces. Outside of the ease of use, the greatest gift is piece of mind that even if something happens to our desktop towers, we can seamlessly do work from another device. We also enjoy the fact that we won’t have to manage a server, perform system maintenance or hire someone to do upgrades as the WorkPlace team takes care of all of this for us! We are very pleased with the product, the company, the professionals you have employed and the quality of performance we have encountered. Well done Virsage! We will be recommending your platform to everyone we know! Thank you for being flexible and hiring such an amazing tech team!

Hollie Clere, Social Media Consultant, Clere Communications, Denver
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