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What are you trying to solve with moving to the Cloud?

By Clint Haynes | Oct 15, 2013

Are you blindly jumping on the latest trend in cloud technologies or do you have a specific tactical reason for moving applications and desktops into the data center?

To have a specific reason to move to the cloud is the only way to make it successful for your business. That doesn't always mean you have to forklift everything from the very start. There are several different flavors of going virtual and some of the reasons to do so are:

Making windows applications more accessible on any device.

A lot of companies simply are using the cloud to deliver windows to tablets and smartphones that are not always corporate devices. We have customers that moved to WorkPlace so that their doctors could use their MacBook’s and iPad’s in the patient rooms. Previously they had to have a nurse taking notes for them and then input that data at a later time into their EMR. Now they simply input the data in the EMR with their tablets.

Easy compliance for security regulations is yet another reason for business to move to WorkPlace. Many business’s today are moving in this direction because they work in a highly regulated industry which needs the security that’s provided by workplace since their entire IT ecosystem is now running in the data center.

Many companies that are concerned about intellectual property can now rest easy at night knowing that their data remains in the data center. This allows for the use of any device as well as connecting contractors, vendors, and consultants to their network that simply don’t have the ability to take this information and download it to a location that is not secure. We can control what they have access to see and do.

Keeping everything in the data center means that companies no longer have to worry when employees laptops getting stolen or lost, this almost always leads to an embarrassing moment. Sometimes it can lead to legal concerns especially in healthcare.

There are other ways to provide this type of security that are labor intensive, costly, and take experienced engineers to build. When you have Virsage WorkPlace at your fingertips businesses can roll it out in a matter of days.

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