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The Solution:

By Source: Citrix | Jan 3, 2014
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As a leader in mobile workstyle solutions, flexible ways of working, Virsage empowers executives to work, meet and collaborate anywhere inside or outside the organization, on any of the latest devices, as easily as they would in their own office—simply and securely. Organizations are able to:

Empower executives to work anywhere using their own personal devices

Increase executive productivity by providing enterprise application access from mobile devices

Enable easy, secure file sharing for executives without introducing unnecessary risk to their organization

Improve collaboration for executives who are constantly on the move by providing online meetings with high-definition audio and video conferencing

Virsage executive mobility solutions, featuring the latest devices, smooth roaming, follow-me data, high-definition video conferencing and secure-by-design technology, enable executives to work with people, data and apps from the latest devices over any network.

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