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The Simple, Secure Way to Collaborate

Work efficiently with your team and clients

ShareFile is the easiest way to securely send or receive files of any size. Used by 99% of the Fortune 500, ShareFile allows companies to access, share, store, sync, secure and track files on any device anywhere.

Corporate file sharing requires different tools than you’d use for sharing photos with family and friends. You need a system that fits into your business workflow, enhances collaboration among your team and doesn’t require IT support every time you need to send a big file. You also need to ensure that confidential information — yours and your clients’ — stays safe.

Send and Request Directly from Email

While there are many ways to integrate and use ShareFile, the Outlook Plugin makes it incredibly quick and easy to send files securely whether they are from your PC, or already stored within ShareFile. In addition to the easy sharing of files, you can provide a link for anyone to send you files with a single click. Never have to worry again about email attachments being blocked or bounced back. You can choose when sending a file to require security, how many times a file can be downloaded or for how long, and get a notice when the attachment is accessed.

Collaborate with Your Clients

ShareFile allows you to create Client accounts at no added expense. You can choose to share individual files or folders on an ongoing basis for simplified collaboration and sharing, especially when multiple documents are required over a long period of time.

Access Cloud Files Offline

For companies that are leveraging the power of Virtual Desktops or Published Applications, having access to information when there is no Internet connection can be a challenge. ShareFile makes it easy to access files that live in the cloud on your laptop or tablet when you don't have an Internet connection so you can continue to get work done when you are on the move.

Powerful Mobile Apps

Get to your files, where and when you need them. Use ShareFile on your iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry device to access, share, request and even edit files from anywhere, with the security you expect from ShareFile. The mobile apps allow not only viewing but also editing of your files from these platforms. You can even run a presentation from your mobile device.

Track and Secure Your Data

ShareFile puts you in complete control over your data. Collaborate more efficiently with file check-in/check-out. Set permissions and assign access on a need-to-know basis. Receive notifications when someone downloads or sends you a file.

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