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Protect your business against downtime, not just data loss.

By Clint Haynes | May 13, 2014
Protect your business against downtime, not just data loss. image

Protect your business against downtime, not just data loss.

It is important to know the difference between data backups and business continuity. You should put a solution in place that allows you to work no matter what the issue is on their network or with a particular piece of hardware. It is also important to put a plan in place prior to any outages or downtime that occurs whether those are planned or unplanned.

• Natural Disasters
• Server Maintenance
• PC Refresh/Upgrades
• PC Repairs
• Issues with peripherals
• Seasonal Flu outbreaks
• Power failures
• Theft


RPO or recovery point objective is measured by how much data a business can afford to lose. So when an outage does occurs and it will; you have to ask the question how much data we are willing to lose. How long are we willing to wait to recover the data that we have been storing for years on disk or tape drives? Storing data requires continuous efforts in doing dry runs of recovering data. When is the last time you tried to recover data or even changed out the tape in the rotation that was put in place two years ago?

RTO or recovery time objective is measured by how fast we can access the files and applications that make our business and employees profitable and productive. SMBs' that have an effective business continuity plan will have a solution in place that will allow them to pick up with whatever they were working on when the outage occurred within minutes of the outage. SMB’s that are willing to live without a streamlined solution and have hours to even weeks of downtime with large capital expenses to get their business back on their feet will want to think about how much that will cost them every hour and day they are down and can they survive such an event from a monetary standpoint.

Enterprise grade business continuity solutions equal peace of mind.

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