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The Future of the PC

By Clint Haynes | Oct 10, 2013

The main shift of the PC over the last 10 years has been the PC was and still is in most business’s the center of the employees world. It has everything on it even if the IT dept. is putting together policies that suggest the end users don’t. In recent years the PC is becoming more of a consumer grade device and with the abilities of cloud providers business can now start to dictate the users keep their information somewhere other than their PC or laptop.

This evolution wasn’t thought up by some master mind at Harvard; rather, it was borne from a real business need. Traditionally users only had one device that they would use for work and it was ok to have all their information there because that was the only place they really needed it to be productive.. But now as everyone reading this post realizes is that business is being conducted on smart phones, tablets, and everything in between including PC’s. However PC’s are no longer the linchpin that hold the master copies of everything.

So is the PC dead! No of course not. The role has just changed as has the technology. So now you can use your phone when you need to login to your PC for a few minutes, your tablet when you need to work a couple hours, or hey if you need two monitors and a full keyboard jump on the PC. In fact that is where I spend most of my day, I just no longer am worried if it gets a virus or I spill coffe on it because I have nothing of value stored on the local C: drive.

It is true that the PC will relinquish its position as the center of a user’s universe unless of course that PC is hosted in the data center and published out to the device that sitting under your desk whatever that may be.

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