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Citrix XenApp


Cloud-based hosting for any Windows application.

Application Publishing is a great alternative to full virtual desktop or traditional remote access solutions.

While there are many benefits to a full virtual desktop, there are a number of complexities that can prevent a company from going completely to the cloud. Migrating an application and the corresponding servers and databases for it to the cloud provides for many of the benefits of greater reliability, security, and access without having to go through a complete cloud transformation.

Legacy VPN solutions are more prone to performance issues, disruption, and require more setup in advance. With a Citrix published applications, traditional windows based desktop applications can be made accessible via the web on any device with minimal effort.

Key Benefits of Hosted Applications:

  • Gives users device and app choice while embracing compliance policies
  • Improved performance, simplicity and capabilities over traditional solutions
  • Empowers business by allowing simple, scalable and anywhere access to apps
  • Provides advanced apps and data controls to keep users happy while assuring content security for IT

Host Applications from your own Virtual Data Center

Your applications, their files, databases, and servers will reside in a virtual data center specific to your organization. By dedicating a virtual space to your organization we can provide the benefits of cloud scalability and our Citrix expertise while securing the integration and communication between your hosted and on premise environments. You have complete control over the servers in your virtual data center and can easily increase or decrease server resources as necessary. Advanced networking solutions, dedicated bandwidth, and virtual firewalls are available.

Virsage XenApp Experience

We have published the whole alphabet soup of applications: everything from ERP, CRM, EMR, and CMS are all common types of applications. Business appreciate our ability to take their most critical systems and ensure greater resiliency and business continuity. The process of dealing with outside auditors, consultants, or temporary staff is greatly improved, and of course, access from anywhere has the same user experience as being in the office.


Demo Your Current Applications in the Cloud

Virsage will setup your current line of business applications in the cloud and demonstrate them to you with no commitment or cost. We are confident that once you see the performance, accessibility, and security that we can provide for your applications that you will not want to go back. Our cloud migration specialists work with you to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption.



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