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Secure patient data, keep workers productive

Apr 21, 2016
Secure patient data, keep workers productive image

$37 billion...that’s what healthcare organizations spent on security breaches in 2015*

The average cost of each compromised medical record is $398.*

Using mobile devices in the workplace helps reduce costs and improve care, but also increases the risk for information leaks.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) makes it easier to protect sensitive information and let employees do their jobs. EMS helps businesses:          

•     Implement multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to patient health information.
•     Secure file servers with document encryption to prevent inappropriate data sharing.
•     Expedite patient care by providing practitioners with secure, single sign-on access to EMR and diagnostic applications from any device.
•     Prevent regulatory fines and litigation costs by identifying suspicious network activity before data can be compromised.
•     Make sure clinicians can work securely on both corporate and personal devices.
•     Reduce help desk calls by 25% with self-service password reset.

*Source: Poneman Institute, Fifth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy and Security of Healthcare Data, May 2015

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