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Protect Your Business!

By Clint Haynes | Jul 15, 2016
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IT now faces the challenge of deploying, managing and securing devices that frequently are either lost or stolen. There are many ways that thieves can disrupt business. Whether it's preying on innocent victims and gaining access to their computers via social engineering or just simply breaking into a place of business to take the computers that are on site. 

For Example:

We have a client here in Denver that came into work one Monday a few summers ago only to find that someone or someones had broken into their place of business and stole all the computers in the office along with some other valuables. The owner gave us a call because luckily this company had recently switched to WorkPlace.

WorkPlace delivers the benefits of desktop virtualization to businesses. The flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime—even offline—enhances productivity, while IT gains new levels of management simplicity, security, reliability, and control.

So our customer support team had one of the employees head out to the local best buy and grabbed enough relatively inexpensive laptops for all twelve of the employees. They then brought them back to the office while the rest of the team went home or to the local coffee shop to work for the few hours, it would take to buy the laptops bring them back to the office and plug them all in. 

So long story short WorkPlace saved this particular company from being down for potential days if not weeks trying to get their backups restored and the software set back up on the servers that they would have to have to order. Then we would have had to set everything back up and even though we're really good at what we do it still could have been detrimental to the business and potential could have put them out of business.

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