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Privacy and the Cloud

By Chris Dodge CEO/President | Feb 10, 2017
Privacy and the Cloud image

We recently received a comment on one of our social media posts that the main reason not to move to the Cloud is because of privacy.  This really got me thinking about a discussion I had with our VP of Business Development as to whether or not I should be on Facebook to help promote my company, Virsage.  

How can the CEO of an IT and Cloud Services company not be on Facebook was his reply?  It occurred to me that it is very easy for people to take one example of a Cloud-based application such as Facebook and apply it to all other Cloud-based initiatives that are out there.  

While Cloud-based social media companies are based around sharing thoughts and information among both your contacts and the general public, there are Cloud based services that are dedicated to ensuring your or your businesses privacy and security. The companies that offer these services have dedicated teams of employees that are solely focused on securing these offerings and their success depends on their ability to deliver them.  While my view of privacy for Virsage versus my personal life are very different, this does not equate to meaning that I should generalize the privacy and security of one Cloud offering to that in another industry or application.  That being said, it is critically important that you are very diligent when configuring any Cloud based service.  

A lot of Cloud services are extremely easy to configure in order to get users up and running quickly with security and privacy settings being set to their minimum levels to help ensure a good user experience (not a good privacy/security experience).  Always take the time to configure the privacy and security settings of your account prior to using a new service to ensure that it is aligned with your expectations and requirements.  

So, while you won't find me on Facebook - for now - I am on Linkedin and twitter, as I continue to ponder my personal privacy on the Cloud.  

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