Proven Technologies

Virsage has built a proven ecosystem of partners and technologies to support your business.

24x7x365 Support

Virsage support is available around the clock to ensure your team has access to applications and systems when they need it.

Drive Productivity

Get the most of your technology investment and reach your business goals.

Business Continuity

Protect your business from security threats, unexpected failures and natural disasters with Virsage.


Business Continuity

According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, an estimated 25% of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster.

A regular review of your Business Continuity Plan will help ensure that your business won't suffer from downtime or unplanned costs with the unexpected happens.



Regulatory compliance costs continue to escalate every year

Cloud based solutions simplify organizations compliance efforts and cost by utilizing best of class technologies and processes.


Consulting Services

The Cloud is still a new concept for most businesses.

Virsage has been deploying Cloud based platforms since 2008. Our experienced team will help design, deploy and support the right solution for your business.


Hosted Virtual Desktops – The turnkey solution for your Information Technology needs

Virsage hosted virtual desktops are built on a combination of technologies from our industry leading partners such as Microsoft, Citrix, and Dell.  Our experienced and certified Virsage staff has created an ecosystem that can be customized to each of our customers unique requirements to deliver an exceptional managed virtual desktop experience.

What Our Customers

Are Saying About Us

In selecting a replacement for our homegrown Co-Location; we took great pains in selecting the right vendor. We replaced our old system that supported over 70 users and made the change overnight to the Virsage Workplace solution. Every deadline and expectations were met. With the glitches that every transition comes with; their support is attentive and acts immediately. In my 15 years of tech implementation; this was by far the smoothest and least difficult transition.

Matt - Cloud Integrator